Saturday, May 16, 2015

~ Voodoo ~ Deco

Continuing with the Voodoo themed Set, today I am sharing with you the decorative pillows, rugs, curtains & artwork.

The pillows are recolor's of Jope's Decorative Pillow Set. With permission, I have included her meshes in the RAR file.

The artwork, you'll need Nightlife for them to work in your game, they are recolors of the B Stroke painting. And the rugs are Maxis meshes as well, they are recolors of the Rug De Exuberance (Glamour Life Stuff required) and Patterned Unpredictability rugs (Apartment Life Required).

And the curtains are recolors of Holy Simoly's Simply Elegant Curtains. You'll need their mesh for it to work in your game. You can get them from here:, I also recommend downloading Hugelunatic's Holy Simoly Simply Elegant Curtains - Ambular Extras - you can get them from Sims 2 Artists Forum -here:

Download Links:

I have also created a collection file for this set to make it easier to locate everything in the game. You can download it HERE

To layer the rugs, I've used the move_objects on and boolprop snapobjectstogridfalse cheats. The next part of the set, the Living Room furniture will be shared tomorrow!

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